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Balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour, with softer, less noticeable re-growth. It’s a great option if you want to refresh your colour but don’t want to go for a bold colour overhaul.

Blonde hair is higher maintenance as the colour is best maintained around 4 – 6 weeks. This prevents “banding” and you will have much better colour result. Marlyn Monroe was not the only iconic woman to have stunning blonde hair, you can have this too.

Definitely one of the most universal flattering shades. Brown is a great way to change your look because it’s almost guaranteed to look great. With the right shade, your brown hair will look natural and fun. One of the easiest colours to maintain for optimum longevity.

Copper hair is a broad term for so many variations of red hair colour. From fiery copper to soft strawberry, deep ginger to a copper penny. The variations are endless and fun, with absolutely no right or wrong! Unsure of which shade of copper to choose from? Our highly skilled team can help you create COPPER

Fun, elegant fantasy hair colours can be everything from blue, bright pinks, reds and green. The maintenance is high with these fashion colours as they need colour boosters weekly or they tend to fade. Also cold hair washes are perfect as this will prevent colour fade.

Fun, funky pastel hair colours are big on trend at the moment. These colours look amazing when freshly done and also as they fade out. Meaning you have the best of both worlds, you choose which maintenance programme suits you and your lifestyle best.

Whether you’re preparing for a school formal, special occasion or wedding, we can look after you. We also offer hair and makeup packages.

Curly Girl is a special technique for cutting wavy or curly hair. We are Clever Curl stockists.

We believe that providing a quality product is the key to achieving fabulous results and that hair extensions are not only about Volume and Length they have become a fabulous fashion accessory, a product to create highlights, fill in gaps, fix a bad haircut or inject an up-style with volume. Book in for your complimentary HAIR EXTENSIONS

If you are looking to update to a fade, short back and sides, a clipper cut or maintain your long style, then we can look after you.